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December 27th, 2008

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12:49 pm - A Dirty Shame Podcast
In a recent episode about taboos, we discussed the John Waters Film on our podcast Double Feature. You can subscribe in iTunes to get the episode.

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Topics: John Waters. Trash films. Censorship. Importance of character names. Blasphemy. 12 Step. The M word. When satire is just reality. A creative way to sidestep pornography! Arizona Iced Tea. Taboos. Sexual fetishes. Lifestyle fetishes. Non linear story telling. Things you can do with a 50s biopic. Photography. Romanticizing previous eras. 30s sideshows. The 50s family myth. Finding yourself. Flashing back to an even older era in your period film. Robert Downey Jr. Warm and creepy. Establishing a feeling of trust in a technical medium. Further information upon additional viewing.

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We plan on doing much more John Waters stuff in the future. We also have an episode on "This Film is Not Yet Rated" you might like.

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